Lady Liberty 02 - Treize colonies

Date de parution : 20/04/2016 / ISBN : 978-2-302-04761-7

Summary Résumé en Français

The wind of change is going to take Lady Liberty to the thirteen colonies. The American settlers dream of freedom, and she will bring them Revolution.

To avenge her mother, Lya de Beaumont swore to make Louis XVI and George III lose their crowns. A wind of revolution is beginning to blow over the world.  A wind that will make the Sally Brown’s sails billow and take Lya, Lady Gage and the intriguer Beaumarchais towards the colonies.

Rebellious America has become a powder keg and only needs a spark to light it. And Lya is the spark!

Actualités de la série


Les hommes naissent libres et égaux et ont le devoir de se révolter en cas...