Androïdes 04 - Les Larmes de Kielko

Date de parution : 17/05/2017 / ISBN : 978-2-3020-5779-1

Summary Résumé en Français

Los Angeles – 2037
“My name is Kielko, I am the domestic android of the Morgan Family. I have been at their service for more than a year…”
“The words ‘emotion’ and ‘feeling’ have value only for you, human beings. For me, they are only words and algorithms that determine my actions and reactions. For some time, I have been feeling some nano-technological disturbances, which appear in none of my initialization parameters. I know that Grady is expressing deviant behavior... My duty is to remain silent. I have to accompany him to disreputable places. But in his wake, there is this red liquid that you call blood. An element which fascinates and obsesses me…”


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