Androïdes T03 - Invasion

Date de parution : 26/10/2016 / ISBN : 978-2-3020-5362-5

Summary Résumé en Français

A new concept series, featuring four complete stories of science fiction, that explore the android and human conditions.

Coming out of a long, artificial sleep, Jerrod is totally lost. He does not know why he was put to sleep. He does not know the people who woke him, who all wear the same strange suit as him. Neither does understand from where their surprising powers come from, nor why the city where he grew up is almost deserted, or what the visions that assail him mean.
All these things will have to wait to be answered... For he is barely awake, when a titanic creature tries to kill him and his newfound guardians. He owes his survival to their belief in him, their willingness to fight... A fight that is gripping the planet...

Actualités de la série

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