Cinquième Évangile 01 - La Main de Fatima

Date de parution : 25/06/2008 / ISBN : 978-2-30200-217-3

Summary Résumé en Français

AN HISTORICO/ESOTERIC THRILLER IN THE TRADITION OF ‘THE NAME OF THE ROSE'.The Holy Land, in the 12th century. There has been a series of bizarre murders, all with certain points in common: the young female victims are at least 13 years old, have a Hand of Fatima tattooed on their forearm and, more significantly, are either orphans or have been adopted. This is just the beginning of a series of inexplicable killings linked to a mysterious codex
whose revelations could cause Rome to tremble. What is the connection between the Gospel and the series of killings? And, more importantly, what does the fifth Gospel contain?

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Format : 297 x 323 mm

Nombre de pages : 48

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