Eco 03 - La Princesse des Nuages

Date de parution : 16/10/2013 / ISBN : 978-2-3020-2541-7

Summary Résumé en Français

The unexpected ending of this wonderful poetic story.

Victim of a horrific curse, Eco has left the family home with her four rag companions – Diogene, Epictete, Aesop and Socrates - in order to go get help from the legendary Cloud Princess... The road has been long and filled with obstacles. They even had to cross the mysterious and scary territory of the beast without a face. But it was not in vain, Eco is about to go through the last obstacles in this last book that will lead them to the Cloud Princess. But who is she really? And will she be able to ward off the curse bestowed upon Eco?

Autres informations

Format : 187 x 257 mm

Nombre de pages : 80

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