Geeks 02 - Dans le doute, reboote !

Date de parution : 26/11/2008 / ISBN : 978-2-30200-378-1

Summary Résumé en Français

WITH THE FRANTIC 'TECHNOLOGISATION' OF OUR SOCIETY, ONE THING IS CERTAIN, NOWADAYS IT'S CHIC TO BE A GEEK!A geek is someone who is passionate, if not obsessed, usually by computers, science-fiction and heroic fantasy, role games or video games, even all at the same time. It's easy to spot one: they wear tee shirts with strange designs, speak a bizarre language that can't be understood by the rest of humanity and would rather spend an evening repairing their PC than go out with friends...Visit their website :

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Format : 225 x 297 mm

Nombre de pages : 42

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