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Geste des Chevaliers Dragons 13 - Salmyre

Date de parution : 23/11/2011 / ISBN : 978-2-30201-859-4

Summary Résumé en Français

At the crossing of the Southern roads, at the borders of the Empire, stands the city of Salmyra. But all is not well... Its king is a tyrant. Prince Lancelas, his nephew, is thrown in prison. Revolution rumbles in the streets.
The arrival of Alenna, a beautiful Dragon Knight, whose many exploits have given her renown throughout the region, fires the will of the people for change.
This is a story of love, war, loyalty, and power. Because there is much more at stake than a mere revolt. Soon, it is the fate of a whole people that is going to be at at risk...

Autres informations

Format : 234 x 323 mm

Nombre de pages : 48

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