Jardin de Minuit

Date de parution : 22/04/2015 / ISBN : 978-2-302-04505-7
  • Scénariste : ÉDITH
  • Illustrateur : ÉDITH
  • Coloriste : ÉDITH
  • Collection :

Summary Résumé en Français

Edith takes on one of the English literature classics and deftly mixes reality and imagination.Summer. England, 20th century. Tom Long is obliged to spend his holidays with his uncle and aunt. They live in an apartment in a building overlooking a courtyard. Boredom sets in... When suddenly, one night, a strange thing happens: The hall’s clock tolls thirteen times! The courtyard has become an immense garden… Tom dares to go into it and becomes invisible, except to the eyes of a little girl of his own age, Hatty, who is dressed in an outfit belonging to the last century. She seems to live in an age that doesn’t obey the laws of time… What mystery is hiding behind this temporal disruption?


Actualités de la série

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