Lanfeust Quest T01

Date de parution : 12/12/2007 / ISBN : 978-2-30200-028-5

Summary Résumé en Français

MORE THAN JUST A SIMPLE ADAPTATION 'A LA JAPANESE', LANFEUST QUEST IS A ORIGINAL AND SPECTACULAR EXPLORATION, BURSTING WITH TROY WORLD HUMOUR. More than just a simple Japanese-influenced adaptation of the original series, Lanfeust Quest is a gateway to a new and refreshed world of Troy. Hybrid both in its ultra dynamic art form and storytelling, Lanfeust Quest is a genuine symbiosis between the quintessential work of the creators of the original Lanfeust mythology and the fusion of the different international comic book genres (European and US comics and manga). Masterfully illustrated by rising star Ludollulabi (World of Warcraft), Lanfeust Quest carries on the legacy of Christophe Arleston & Didier Tarquin.

Autres informations

Format : 115 x 175 mm

Nombre de pages : 200

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