Moréa 02 - L'Échine du dragon NED

Date de parution : 27/04/2011 / ISBN : 978-2-30201-516-6

Summary Résumé en Français

From now on, Morea Doloniac is at the head of the DWC, one of the biggest meta-national companies on the planet. But she is also a Dragon, that is to say, an Immortal who fights the Angels, a group dedicated to the destruction of the planet and to the degradation of humanity.
So, when a bacterium that would allow the terraforming of Mars is stolen from the DWC, Morea and the knight Terkio have to take action. But is this incident, which leads them to Miami, a trap set for her?

Autres informations

Format : 225 x 297 mm

Nombre de pages : 48

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