Nains 01 - Redwin de la Forge

Date de parution : 03/06/2015 / ISBN : 978-2-302-04644-3

Summary Résumé en Français

One scriptwriter, 6 artists, a great people: the Dwarves!

A Lord of the Runes has the honour of fighting for his clan against the champion of the other side. In the event of conflict, this avoids a bloodbath. Two fighters, one winner, and then the conflict is over.
Redwin is a teenage Dwarf of the Order of the Forge. He wants to become the Lord of the Runes of his clan, but his father is against this ambition. Suffering from the fact that his father is often called a coward, he decides nonetheless to become Lord of the Runes by his own means.
The ensuing initiation rites include not only the art of forging arms but also that of fighting. To become a Lord of the Runes, Redwin will confront a thousand warriors, including Rom who shares the same ambition. He will lose a lot, his soul and his father…

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