Pandemonium T01 - Sanatorium

Date de parution : 24/09/2008 / ISBN : 978-2-30200-187-9

Summary Résumé en Français

PANDEMONIUM. THE PALACE WHERE SATAN SUMMONS THE FORCES OF HELL TO COUNCIL. BY THE CREATOR OF SANCTUAIRE AND BUNKER.Waverly Hills Sanatorium was one of the most reputable establishments in the United States for the treatment of tuberculosis. Between 1920 and 1960, more than 63,000 people died there. Summer 1951, Doris takes Cora, her sick daughter, to the Sanatorium. Very soon, Cora starts behaving strangely: she talks to herself and hears the whistle of a train, despite the fact that the railway was closed down years before...

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Format : 234 x 323 mm

Nombre de pages : 56