Wunderwaffen 09 - Le Visiteur du soir

Date de parution : 22/06/2016 / ISBN : 978-2-3020-5209-3

Summary Résumé en Français

At the heart of Antarctica the course of the Second World War is changing... And with it, the fate of Humanity is at stake!

Spurred by Churchill and De Gaulle, the Americans have finally become aware of what is happening in Antarctica, and that it could modify the course of war. Meanwhile, a strange game begins between the shipwrecked Visitor from the Stars and Himmler. Their fates seem bound together from now on; if the weapon codenamed “Thor” does not travel to Germany in time to foil the landing of 1944, and change history, the Visitor will remain a prisoner within the ice and will never be discovered by the Nazis....

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