Yiu premières missions 05 - Exfiltration Geisha

Date de parution : 21/11/2007 / ISBN : 978-2-30200-007-0

Summary Résumé en Français

THE SCENARIST OF CROSS FIRE AND THE ILLUSTRATOR OF LES CHRONIQUES DE CENTRUM TEAM UP TO ADD THEIR STONE TO THE EDIFICE OF KOOKABURRA UNIVERSE. Thanks to a daring manoeuvre in the course of a battle, Brian North sacrificed his ship in order to save his crew. But all his men will be reallocated to less prestigious vessels, and North fears he has betrayed his crew's trust in him... 'Le Dernier Vol de l'Enclume' whisks you back to 14 years before the first volume of the initial Kookaburra series, revealing the origins of its greatest heroes!